What's HCR Silicone And What's The Future of HCR Silicone?

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  • Date:2021/07/30

Peroxide HTV silicone rubber, known as high consistency rubber, Heat-cured rubber, high temp vulcanizing (HTV), which is structurally different from the rubber elastomer in the conventional sense, it’s a kind of solid block of rubber as pre-cure material and which contains polymers with a high molecular weight and long polymer chains, and usually molded by heat compression molding.

peroxide HTV silicone rubber has good chemical inertness, good mechanical strength in a large temperature range, and excellent aging resistance.

Peroxide silicone rubber can be formulated into different performances, colors and effects. Typical applications include automotive parts, office equipment parts, wire and cable, various profiles and food, medical and health products industries.


What is HCR silicone’s Advantages?

Peroxide HCR Elastomers can be used at temperatures ranging from -50°C to +300°C, and can be used for a range of applications, especially within the food  automotive and aerospace industries.

Peroxide silicone rubber can have different colorings, and it's easy to have color change compared to Liquid Silicone Rubber.

Peroxide silicone rubber has excellent heat resistance at the same time it can still maintaining the properties of a low-temperature material.

Peroxide silicone rubber is kind of post-cured material, which has good outgassing test result.





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