The Comparsion Between HCR And LSR Silicone Rubber

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  • Date:2021/07/28

HCR (HTV Silicone Rubber) and LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) both are silicone rubber, they have some commonalities and some differences.

Given food grade HCR silicone rubber and food grade LSR silicone rubber excellent chemical inertness, toughness, ample operating range, flexibility, and wide range of available durometers, silicone rubbers find uses in a wide variety of industries. One industry with a growing use of these elastomers is food grade silicone rubber product manufacturing, such as molding, kitchen supplies, baby products, phone case and so on.

Silicone rubber finished product companies still face a tough choice even when they do choose this class of materials for their new products, namely, “which type of silicone rubber should we use, HTV Silicone Rubber (HCR) or Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)?”.

Although the performance and mechanical characteristics of both types are nearly identical, choosing between HCR and LSR boils down to how the part will be made.

HTV Silicone Rubber (HCR) finished product manufacture machine

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) finished product manufacture machine




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