What Is The Material of Liquid Silicone Rubber for Baby's Nipple ?

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  • Date:2021/06/28

Liquid silicone rubber is relatively HTV silicone rubber, for the liquid rubber, has good liquidity, sulfide is fast, more safe environmental protection, can fully meet the requirements of food grade silicone material, it can be used to trademarks, products, the pacifier, medical supplies, coating, dipping and perfusion technique, in most cases, cannot leave the liquid silicone, silicone products production .Today let's talk about the characteristics of the raw materials of liquid silicone rubber for baby nipple.


Liquid silicone rubber is divided into three kinds, condensation type single component liquid silicone rubber, condensation type two component liquid silicone rubber, plus forming double (single) component liquid silicone rubber, the most widely used is to add forming liquid silicone rubber.


TBL-8900 is a liquid silicone rubber specially developed for children's pacifiers. Colorless, odorless, heat-resistant, non-toxic, non-toxic, more close to the quality of breast milk. The following is to take you to understand the characteristics of food grade LSR silicone rubber::

1. Food grade silicone nipple is made of imported natural rubber and olive oil. Must be free of bisphenol A and other harmful ingredients, with colorless, odorless, non-toxic, high and low temperature resistance and other characteristics.

2. Food grade silicone nipple is soft and very elastic, can resist pulling, the nipple can be extended to 5mm long, easy to restore the original state, not easy to deformation, baby drink and suck like breastfeeding.

3. The baby will not be damaged in the process of using the food-grade silicone nipple, and the long-term bite resistance will not be damaged. Even if the baby bite, not careful to swallow, will not affect the health of the baby, no harm.

4. Food grade silicone nipple is easy to clean and will not be pasted together with food.


TBL-8900 is a high transparency, high performance liquid silicone rubber, transparency can reach 92 percent, using imported raw materials, can meet the European food grade LFGB standard, using platinum vulcanization system. Have better anti-yellow effect is widely used in the field of children.





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