What Is High Tensile Strength Silicone Rubber ?

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  • Date:2021/08/04

Tensile strength : tensile strength refers to the force required in each range unit to cause silicone rubber material. The tensile strength of HTV silicone rubber raw materials ranges from 1.0 to 7.5Mpa, and that of liquid silicone rubber ranges from 6.0 to 8.0MPa.

Generally, the physical properties and transparency of fumed silica reinforced products are higher than those of precipitated silica, because fumed silica has high purity, small particle size and large specific surface area.


The tensile strength of high strength silicone can reach 7mpa-9mpa, and the transparency can reach translucent to fully transparent and the hardness of common specifications is 10- 80 shore A hardness. The hardness range of TBL high tensile strength HTV silicone rubber is 20-80A.


Compared with ordinary compound, high tensile strength silicone rubber has better tear strength, resilience and transparency.



Products are generally used to make all kinds of silicone keys, ordinary O-ring, water-proof gasket, swimming appliances, hose, nipples, etc.


Product features of high tensile silicone rubber:

1. High and low temperature resistance, Good heat resistance

2. Rapid vulcanization, the release during vulcanization is harmless to human body

3. Good tear resistance and good elongation, good resilience

4. Excellent electrical insulation performance, environmental protection and tasteless

5. The product meets the requirements of ROHS, REACH and FDA.


High tensile strength silicone rubber has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good tensile force,easy to demolding and high repeated times.


However, a large amount of silicone oil is added to the silicone rubber. The silicone oil can destroy the molecular weight of the silicone rubber, reduce the viscosity of the silicone rubber, make it softer and easier to operate, and finally lead to poor tension in the production of the silicone mold and less mold turnover times.




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