High Temperature Vulcanized Silicone Rubber

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  • Date:2021/07/06

Basic definitions:

1. What’s the meaning of Vulcanized?

Organic peroxides are used as cross-linking agents, which refers to the process of forming a network polymer through cross-linking of linear polymers.


2. What’s the meaning of HTV silicone rubber?

Refers to Silicone Rubber Materials that needs to be cross-linked at high temperature. The rubber compound can be vulcanized at a high temperature of 150-200 degrees Celsius to change it from a high-temperature viscous plastic state into a silicone rubber product. And We could also call it “Precipitated HTV silicone rubber”, “PPT silicone rubber”, “HTV compound” “silicone rubber materials”

HTV compound Main varieties:

Heat-resistant silicone rubber materials, conductive silicone rubber materials, oil-resistant silicone rubber  materials.


Properties of High Temperature HTV silicone rubber material:

1. Physical properties 

Usually, the physical properties of the HTV Compound can only be viewed on our company's data sheet. Such as tensile strength, tear strength, elongation and hardness.

2. Other properties:

<A>. Heat resistance: High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber has excellent heat resistance, and its heat resistance is much better than general rubber. Generally, silicone rubber materials can be used for a long time at 200 degrees. At 120 degrees, the heat-resistant life of silicone rubber materials is 10-20 years; 150 degrees, 5-10 years; 200 degrees, 2-5 years; 260 degrees ,3 months. At 300 degrees, silicone rubber materials also be used continuously for 100-300 hours. silicone rubber materials made with special structural silicone gum or filled with heat-resistant additives will have a longer heat-resistant life.


<B>. Cold resistance: The raw rubber inside The Precipitated HTV silicone rubber has an amorphous molecular structure, and the temperature has little effect on its performance, which makes the silicone rubber materials with a certain amount of cold resistance.


<C>. Permanent compression set: High temperature silicone rubber is the best type of rubber with the best compression set. And it maintains good permanent compression set in a wide temperature range. The permanent compression deformability of high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is also affected by many factors, such as the types of raw rubber, fillers, vulcanizing agents, and vulcanization conditions.


<D>. Ozone resistance and weather resistance: silicone rubber materials has UV resistance and ozone resistance. Its ozone resistance and weather resistance are better than other rubbers.


<E>. Electrical properties: High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber has excellent electrical properties. The dielectric performance at high temperatures far exceeds that of general rubber, and it is also a very good electrical insulating material.


<F>. Chemical resistance: HTV compound has good resistance to many chemical reagents.



Therefore, after discovering so many high-quality properties of high-temperature silicone rubber, HTV compound have been applied to different fields.

For example: aerospace field, bottom line cable, electrical and electronic field, automotive machinery, home furnishing, and medical and health fields.

In the future, in some fields, it will replace all or part of other rubber varieties.

The TBL factory will divide the products into 3 series according to the different properties of the Precipitated HTV silicone rubber. There are TBL-500A Series, TBL-501 Series, TBL-500 Series.

The corresponding models can be recommended according to the specific application requirements of silicone rubber materials.

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