Global Liquid Silicone Rubber Market Trends and Forecast!

  • Date:2020/09/01

Liquid silicone rubber material is a combination of platinum-cured elastomer which is injected into a mold cavity during manufacturing of parts. The operating temperature range for LSR is between -65°C to 150°C. Due to the thermoset of material, liquid silicone injection molding requires special treatment such as intensive distributive mixing, while maintaining the material at a low temperature before it is pushed into heated cavity and vulcanized.

Increasing demand for liquid silicon rubber from plastic industry for production of plastic parts through injection molding process is a major factor driving growth of the liquid silicone rubber market.

 In addition, liquid silicone rubber offers distinctive properties such as high resistance to heat and chemical, and growing demand from various industrial verticals such as automotive and electronic sectors are other major factors expected to drive growth of the global liquid silicone rubber market. Furthermore, wide applicability of the product in household goods such as protective gloves and supports to spatulas and barbeque brushes, and even cooking pans is another factor expected to support growth of the target market.

However, high cost of liquid silicone rubber is a major factor restraining growth of the global liquid silicone rubber market.




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