6 Advantages of Liquid Silicone Rubber

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  • Date:2021/12/30

Manufacturers in various industries use plastics during injection molding. Plastics are a popular choice because they are robust, lightweight and can be easily transformed into the desired shape. However, the same material such as thermoplastic elastomers can not withstand extreme and deformed heat, and their shape is lost when exposed to high temperatures. That's why more and more manufacturers are turning to liquid silicone rubber.


What Is The Liquid Silicone Rubber ?

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is two partially silicone polymers coupled by chemical bonds. It is generally used to generate injection molding parts for products used in industries such as cars, food, electrical appliances, textiles. The catalyst triggers the crosslinking when the polymer is molded by injection and heated. This progression is final and fit after the curing process. The material thus produced sustainably sustains, which makes it suitable for various products, including:


  • Equipment equipment
  • Car parts
  • Electronic interface
  • O-shaped ring


What Are The Advantages of Using Liquid Silicone Rubber?

1. Flexibility at low temperatures

The thermoplastic elastomer may lose its flexibility at extreme temperatures. At low temperatures, they become more and more fragile until they finally crack. However, the soft liquid silicone rubbers remain flexible at temperatures as low as -50 ° C. They constitute an excellent choice for any product that must be executed in a low temperature environment.


2. Aging Resistance

The aging resistance is an important factor in determining appropriate materials in LSR for injection molding processes. The solidified LSR material offers excellent resistance to UV, bad weather and aging. They are ideal for use in applications that have long exposed to elements.


3. Chemical resistance

The thermoplastic elastomer can withstand chemicals in a wide range of applications. However, they provide only chemical resistance in moderate temperature ranges. Even if exposed to extreme temperatures, LSR also provides low water absorption and excellent resistance to ordinary chemicals.


4. Low pressure game

The low compression means means that the material can withstand the permanent deformation under a constant strain. LSRS has a very low compression assembly, generally between 15% and 20%. They can also remain flex, even if they are compressed and subjected to different temperature ranges in the extended period of time.


5. Reliability of the shelf life

The shelf life of liquid silicone rubber is one of the key factors that are easy to use in the manufacturing environment. Most LSR products offer a lifetime of at least one year.


6. Resistance

Electronic manufacturers must know that they use the materials they use to withstand the electric discharge of the halo. The LSR provides high anti-electricity stress without affecting the conductivity of the final product. As a result, these materials are usually used for high pressure applications and electrical components.


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