Transparent Silicone Sealant TBL-6130

  • Model: TBL-6130

PRODUCT Description

Technical Parameter

One-Component Room Temperature Vulcanizing.

Silicone Sealant, transparent flow compound. Cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a silicone elastomer.

Product Features

Fast Tack-free.

No corrosion to substrates.

Stable and flexible from  -40℃ to+180℃.

Typical Applications

Bonding and Fixing.

PCB component fixing.

LED Lamp Bonding and Fixing.

Moisture-proof and seal.


The sealant will be slight yellowing during storage, which will not affect product properties.

Operating Instructions

Clean surface: Please clean up the dust, rust, and oil on the surface of the bonding substrate.

Gluing: Squeeze the sealant onto the cleaned surface.               

Curing: Place the glued part in the air, after skin formation, cure continues inward from the surface.Under 25℃ and 55% relative humidity conditions for curing 24 hours, the sealant will cure to a depth of 2 to 4mm, with time prolonged, the curing depth gradually increased.

Storage:  The unused sealant should be immediately tightened and sealed. Before using again, remove the crust at the nozzle mouth and do not affect normal use.In the process of storage, the sealant may be a small amount of solidification at the nozzle, which can be used normally after removal without affecting the product properties.  

Storage conditions

Store in a cool and dry place below 35 ℃.

Shelf life: 6 months.


1. Keep away from children.

2. It is recommended to use it in a well-ventilated area to reduce odor.

3. If accidentally touch the skin or eyes, wipe them clean immediately, then rinse with water and seek medical advice.

4. For safety information, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Packaging specifications

100ml / piece, 100 pieces / Carton.

300ml / piece, 24 pieces / Carton.

2600ml / piece, 4 pieces / Carton.

Special Note

The data in this manual were obtained under laboratory conditions, due to differences in the use environment, users should refer to these data and conditions for analysis and testing. Tian Bao Li does not guarantee the sales of products and the use of Trimble products under specific operating conditions, and does not assume any liability for direct, indirect or accidental losses. If the user encounters any problems during use, you can contact the Tian Bao Li technical service department, we will provide you with the help. 

Reference Standards




General Properties at 25±2℃, 50-60%RH

GB/T 14074



Transparent flow compound

GB/T 13354




GB/T 13477.5

Tack-free Time



Properties cured 7 days at 25±2℃, 50-60%RH

GB/T 531.1

Hardness (Shore A)

Shore A


GB/T 7124

Shear Strength



GB/T 1695

Dielectric Strength



GB/T 1693

Dielectric Constant



GB/T 1692

Volume Resistivity



Transparent Liquid Silicone Rubber Performance 

Transparent liquid silicone rubber can improve the presentation of an item from various perspectives. It is: 

Lighter than glass and numerous different plastics, keeping the general load of an item down. 

More adaptable than glass however stiffer than different plastics, which decreases the danger of breaking, especially when presented to ceaseless vibrations or different burdens. 

Optically and precisely stable at limits of warmth and cold and fit for withstanding quick changes in temperature, making it ideal for indoor and open air use. 

Enduring, as it will not fade or lose transparency with long-term exposure to UV rays.

Transparent Liquid Silicone Enhance Its Design Idea

Transparent liquid silicone rubber is something beyond a solid, dependable material. It's anything but various properties that make it simple to work with and offer extended plan potential. For instance: 

Its low thickness makes it ideal for infusion forming, as it's anything but a form effectively, considering more intricate shapes and better subtleties than would be conceivable when working with another material. 

It remains dimensionally steady as it cools, which makes it conceivable to plan items with more tight resiliences. 

It may not need extra cleaning once shaped, which speeds up creation times and decreases auxiliary expenses. 

It is reasonable for multishot and overmolding measures and can uphold undermining and negative draft. 

To put it plainly, clear silicone looks at well to glass in practically all dimensional, mechanical and warm properties. It is profoundly adaptable, settling on it a decent decision for any maker that should meet severe creation prerequisites while minimizing expenses. 

Expected Utilizations For Transparent Liquid Silicone Include: 

Lighting: Lighting is an optimal application for clear fluid silicone. Producers utilize clear silicone in bulbs, focal points and other optical segments that would generally utilize glass. 

Auto: Thanks to its capacity to withstand effects, vibrations and outrageous climate conditions, clear silicone is likewise astounding for auto use. Makers use it basically for front light housings and related parts. 

Customer products: Clear silicone can be found in various shopper merchandise, going from gadgets to oddity things. 

Contemplating whethertransparent liquid silicone rubber is the right decision for your business? TBL can help. As a high transparent liquid silicone rubber supplier, we consistently work with optical-grade silicone to make things for organizations of any size. Please visit our online website and send email to us if any interests in our products in case of we would lost the best customer like you.




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