Quality guaranteed TBL-8700 Series Self-lubricating Liquid Silicone Rubber

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name: TBL
  • Model Number: TBL-8700 Series
  • Quantity: 1000 Kilogram/Kilograms (Min. Order)
  • Support : Sea shipment; Air shipment
  • Lead Time:
  • Quantity(Kilograms): 1 - 10000>10000
  • Est. Time(days): 5 Negotiable
  • Payments: This supplier also supports L/C,T/T payments.
  • Package: 20KG/200KG Bucket+Pallet

PRODUCT Description

Product Description

This series is two-component addition liquid silicone rubber, with excellent high and lower temperature resistance, high anti-tear, good strength, and good self-lubricating etc. The process was liquid injection molding technology and can be widely used in automotive parts, plug-in parts, sealing plug, etc. 

Application: widely used in automotive parts, plug-in parts, sealing plug, etc. 

Appearance: White 

Product name:Self-lubricating Liquid Silicone Rubber

Hardness Shore A: 30 - 50

Features: Rapid Prototyping; Fast molding; Good oil caving

Shelf life: 12 Months

HS code: 3910000000

Viscosity: Favorable

Product Presentation

This product doesn't use substances prohibited by ROHS instructions, and hazardous substances shall be implemented according to ROHS instructions. The third party certification reports such as ROHS, REACH and FDA will be updated every year.

Travel Release Of Liability

The information contained herein is offered in good faith and is believed to be accurate. However, because conditions and methods of use of our products are beyond our control, this information should not be used in substitution for customer’s tests to ensure our products are safe, effective, and fully satisfactory for its intended end use. Suggestions of use shall not be taken as inducements to infringe any patents.

Tian Bao Li’s sole warranty is that our products will meet the sales specifications in effect at the time of shipment.

Your exclusive remedy for breach of such warranty is limited to refund of purchase price or replacement of any product shown to be other than as warranted.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Tian Bao Li specifically disclaims any other express or implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability.

Tian Bao Li disclaims liability for any incidental or consequential damages.

Product Features

High strength 

Fast molding 

Good oil caving

How To Use

1. Suggest that the consumer use the liquid injection molding machine to inject into the mold and manufacture products.

2. The two components of A and B must be completely mixed by machine according to the weight or volume ratio of 1:1. The vulcanization time is determined by the molding temperature. At high temperature conditions, a short time is required for product forming. If the silicone product is thick and large, it takes longer time to mold. After vulcanization, the mold can be disassembled.

3. If the machine is shut down for a long time (more than two days), either inject component A or component B into the mixing section alone. Or remove the static mixer of the injection molding machine immediately, seal and store it in a low temperature (< 1℃) environment, or clean up the remaining rubber.

Packaging, Storage and Caution

1. This series of product is packed in 20 kg/plastic straight pail or 200 kg/metal drum, with plastic liners.

2. Products should be stored in sealed condition, kept it in a cool place and avoid rain and sun exposure.

3. This series of products are non-dangerous goods. The valid period is 1 year. If the products exceed the storage life, it can be re-tested to prove the curing speed is acceptable, if so, it can be used. 

4. To prevent cure inhibition, try to avoid contact with tin compound (most condensation silicone contained tin compound catalyst) amines, sulfur and phosphorus compounds and some metal salts.

5. In this series, component A contains catalyst and component B contains crosslinking agent. When products from different manufacturers are used, tests shall be carried out to avoid crosslinking reaction.

Item & Model















Viscosity /mPa.s 60×104 90×104 120×104 150×104
Oil content %





Hardness/Shore A 30-36




Tensile Strength






Elongation /%





Tear strength /kN/m





Specific Gravity






compression set






Above data for reference only, factory inspection report shall prevail for latest testing standard and data.

In today's world, there are numerous products and commodities available in the market. One of them is HTV liquid silicone rubber. HTV is an all-natural silicone rubber that comes from a plant commonly found in Asia and in Australia. Its chemical composition is different from other synthetic rubbers because it has a much higher melting point, durability and flexibility. Aside from these benefits, HTV also has a number of added benefits that make it a very sought-after commodity.




HTV is widely used in manufacturing toys, automotive industry, marine, chemical and food industry as well as in manufacturing electronics and thermal goods. HTV is also used for making many medical products such as foams and syringes and for cosmetic products. Because of its extreme pliability and high elasticity, HTV can be used in a variety of processes. As an example, HTV liquid rubber can be used in curing auto body parts and in joining and connecting gaskets to create springs. Because of the pliability and elasticity of HTV rubber, it can also be used as an insulator in various electrical components.




HTV is a special type of liquid silicone rubber that has been treated with several chemicals. This chemical treatment improves its elasticity, pliability and durability. Apart from this process, HTV liquid silicone rubber is also made using various heat and pressure treatments such as hot roll forming, low temperature curing, laser curing, resin curing and so on. All these processes make HTV a highly-functional product which can be used in a wide range of industries.




HTV rubber contains natural lipophilic and hydrophilic properties, which makes it ideal for use in a wide range of applications. HTV liquid silicone rubber is able to maintain its pliable shape without losing its durability and elasticity even under extreme conditions. Its high thermal conductivity enables it to effectively conduct heat, preventing internal body parts from overheating. Another important property of HTV is its thermo-plasticity, which ensures that the material will not shrink due to temperature change.




It is very important that the silicone rubber is compatible with silicone sheets. HTV and Silicone sheets must not be heated together as they may cause severe damage to one or other type of product. In case of improper mounting of HTV, it results in leakage and excess heat formation at the mounting surface. HTV products are also very popular as they provide excellent ductility and excellent resistance to a number of chemicals. HTV rubber products are highly useful for industrial as well as domestic applications.




As compared to HTV liquid silicone rubber is less elastic. However, it possesses excellent thermal conductivity and thermal insulation properties that ensure long life and superior performance. It is widely used in a number of industrial and household products such as toys, automotive parts, household utensils etc. HTV is mostly used in industrial applications where high strength, reliability and excellent flexibility are required. Liquid silicone rubber is generally available as a liquid solution in the form of HFT (High density Transparent) sheet or in milky form.




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