What is HCR silicone?

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  • Date:2021/05/25

HCR rubber is a silicone elastomer framed of straight chains with high atomic weight. The framework will be relieved with either a natural peroxide crosslinker, or a platinum impetus. HCR offers incredible temperature and maturing obstruction.


Synthetic construction


HCR rubber elastomers are otherwise called HTV (High Temperature Vulcanizing). They are produced using responsive silicone gums, all in all, straight chains, with high atomic weight macromolecules containing different receptive gatherings. The most regularly utilized gums are either halfway phenylated or perfluorinated vinylated gums. Different crude materials are added to give extra properties to the HCR for example smoldered or hastened silicas with high explicit surface territory to improve mechanical properties, heat stabilizers and different added substances, for example, plasticizers or hostile to organizing specialists. Cross-connecting happens utilizing natural peroxides in polycondensation frameworks or platinum impetuses in polyaddition frameworks.


HCR silicone properties


HCR rubber elastomers have exceptional properties and are far better than regular natural elastomers. They display remarkable mechanical strength at temperature and can be utilized at temperatures going from - 50°C to +300°C. The maturing opposition of these elastomers features their key characteristics, for example, the way that they are artificially inactive, their photograph oxidative steadiness and the shortfall of leftover responsive gatherings once relieved. An abundance of colorings are conceivable. By utilizing an adequately fine silica filler it is even conceivable to make straightforward articles for use in food and paramedical applications. The expansion of different added substances opens limitless for customization of HCRs to make answers for all sort of existing and new applications in Aerospace, Automotive, Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Construction, Electronics. Latest models are heat move added substances for Electrical Vehicles, electrical conductive materials for Power or Consumer Electronics and furthermore antibacterial answers for Healthcare applications.


Why use HCR silicones?


We should take the case of electric vehicle to comprehend the advantages of HCR rubber. As we have seen over the innovation display protection from high and low temperatures and they offer adaptability for added properties. Auto link makers have accordingly been utilizing silicone rubber HCR rather than different polymers (like TPU/TPE and XLPE) to guarantee longer maturing time under high temperatures and simple introduce in the inexorably more modest spaces found in more current age autos.


HCR rubber's support warmth and present imperviousness to fire with low smoke outflows and non-destructive and non-harmful ignition gasses. They offer dependable protection and mechanical execution at a low weight.


Related applications


HCR rubber's exceptional properties are utilized in various mechanical applications: fixing and channeling in liquid hardware (joints for building development and aeronautical applications, auto gaskets, boots and hoses), electrical insurance (office gear wellbeing links and covers for electrotechnical applications, flash fitting boots, links and connectors for car application), food, drug and biomedical applications (tubes, profiled areas).




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