Soft Liquid Silicone Gel TBL-8800 Series

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name: TBL
  • Model Number: TBL-8800
  • Quantity: 1000 Kilogram/Kilograms (Min. Order)
  • Lead Time:
  • Support: Sea shipment; Air shipment
  • Quantity(Kilograms): 1 - 10000 >10000
  • Est. Time (days): 5 Negotiable
  • Payments: This supplier also supports L/C, T/T payments
  • Package: 20KG/Bucket+Pallet

PRODUCT Description

TBL-8800 liquid silicone gelis two-component,transparent additive liquid silicone rubber.It features superior tactility, hand touch, mucosal character, breath-ability, insulating properties, etc.

This series is widely used in heat conducting inserts and silicone breast pads raw materials,etc.

Color: Transparent

Application: silicone gel product;silicone breast pads,etc

Appearance: Colorless Transparent Liquid

Product name: Liquid Silicone Rubber

Hardness Shore A: 20 - 50

Features: High transparency, Soft and comfortable, Easy to bubble removal, Anti-yellowing

Shelf life: 12 Months

HS code: 3910000000

Viscosity: Favorable

Product Presentation

This product doesn't use substances prohibited by ROHS instructions, and hazardous substances shall be implemented according to ROHS instructions.The third party certification reports such as ROHS, REACH and FDA will be updated every year.

Travel Release Of Liability

All above suggestions on using are based on our experience. Consumers must conduct their own experiments and analysis to determine whether these products are suitable for the special use of users.In no case shall we be responsible for the end use of the consumer. Every procedure must be adapted to all legal rules and authoritative legislation.

Product Features

High transparency;

Soft and comfortable;

Easy to de-bubbling;


How To Use

1.We suggest that the consumer use the liquid injection molding machine to inject into the mold and manufacture products. 

2.The two components of A and B must be completely mixed according to the weight or volume ratio of 1:1. The vulcanization time is determined under the mold temperature. Under high temperature conditions,the short time required for product molding. If the silicone product is thick and large, it takes a long time to form.

Packaging, Storage and Caution

1.This series of product is packed in 20KG/Plastic Straight Barrel. All the products in the barrel or drum are packed in plastic bags.

 2.Products should be sealed and stored, and put it in a cool place, prevent rain and sun exposure.

3.This series of products are non-dangerous goods. The valid period is 1 year. If the product exceeds the shelf life, test it again ,and it can still be used after passing the overdue inspection. 

4.Avoid contacting with condensed type silicone rubber vulcanizing agent during operation. Amines, Sulfur and Phosphorus-containing compounds and some metal salts may cause liquid silicone rubber without vulcanization.

Item & Model











A Transparent

B Transparent

Viscosity A/MPa.s





Viscosity B/MPa.s





Operation Time (H, 25℃)





Molding Condition: 150°C X 30Min

Above data for reference only, factory inspection report shall prevail for latest testing standard and data.

The rubbe is a revolutionary concept with the use of silicone rubber in soft liquid form. It allows for the fast and effective application of pliable silicone rubber to any surface, while still providing sufficient friction for an easy clean up. This type of material is mostly used in the areas of personal care and household repair due to its ease of use. A soft liquid silicone rubber is considered to be the best form of silicone for most products because it has exceptional physical properties, and can even conduct electricity.


The liquid silicone rubber comes in a wide variety of forms and sizes, and has many applications. It is widely used in hot tub gels because of its slip resistance, heat conductivity, chemical resistance, and its anti-slip qualities. Also, it is used in the manufacturing of electronics because it can withstand high temperatures and it prevents the build up of static electricity.


Most of the silicone rubbers available in the market today are of excellent quality and meet the required standards. Moreover, they are also affordable, with most manufacturers selling them at rates that are within everyone's reach. The most popular liquid silicone rubbers are those that come with an interlocking hook and loop design. This design makes them very easy to use and transport. It is therefore advisable to buy the right size and shape for the intended application. One can also request for customized or special order services from manufacturers, if they do not find the ones they want easily.




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